ROOTS & GROOVES with Nico Rhodes

"Hillbilly concertos, Appalachian grooves,
ferocious folk funk & many manly moves"

Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes


BC Hall of Fame folkie and
young keyboard ace join forces
for an intergenerational smorgasbord
of roots, rhythm and groove!

What do you get when you combine
a veteran roots artist with a rising star,
seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance,
old school groove with Broadway chops?

Rick and Nico blur all boundaries,
in a word, they cook!
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“Incredible musicians, wonderful entertainers, I loved this show!"  Facebook fan

Rick and Nico reinvent ten. Absolutely superlative!"  Duncan Showroom

"Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes brought our audience to its feet with a new kind of music:
simple Appalachian mountain dulcimer and sophisticated jazz piano combined with  
entertaining vocals, harmonies, rhythms and improvisation!”   
                                                    Andrew Homzy, AD, Nanaimo Jazz Festival 

"Rick and Nico together are a force of nature.  ROOTS & GROOVES is a musical gift for any audience, 
their performance blew the house away with two standing ovations." 
                                                                             Whistler Arts 



Oct 2              CUMBERLAND Studio Live 7:30 pm

Oct 3              POWELL RIVER Max Cameron Theatre 
Oct 4              PARKSVILLE Ground Zero Acoustic Loung 7 pm
Oct 17            NELSON SpiritBar
Oct 18           TRAIL Bailey Theatre
Oct 19            REVELSTOKE Performing Arts Centre

Oct 20            REVELSTOKE Performing Arts Centre 3 pm Family Show
Oct 22            SILVERTON Hall 
Mar 11-12      PENDER ISLAND
April 9            COQUITLAM Evergreen Theatre
April 15-16    BURNS LAKE
April 17          SMITHERS

April 18          PRINCE RUPERT



Fri Jan 25            ACT Maple Ridge 

Sun Jan 27          Clayoquot Theater, Tofino 
Mon Jan 28         Family show, Clayoquot Theater, Tofino  
Wed Jan 30          Key City Theatre, Cranbrook 
Sat Feb 2             Kicking Horse Cultural Centre, Golden 
Feb 7 & 8             Kay Meek Arts Centre, West Vancouver 
Sat Feb 16           Port Hardy Civic Centre      
Sun Mar 10          Bowen Park, Nanaimo with VIS Children's Choir
Sunday April 7    Dinghy Dock Pub Syrian Fundrasier

Fri April 12           MAC Playhouse Parksville 

Sat April 13          Duncan Showroom

Sun April 14         Victoria Folk Club, Norway House 

July 17           DUNCAN 39 Days in July free concert Downtown 8:30 pm

July 18           CAMPBELL RIVER free concert Spirit Square 7-9 pm
uly 19           NANAIMO free concert Old City Quarter 12 noon

July 23           PROTECTION ISLAND house concert 7 pm
July 26-28     MISSION Music Festival

July 29           VANCOUVER ROGUE FOLK BC Hall of Fame with PIED PUMKIN 




Recording The Mystery for ROOTS & GROOVES CD

Nico Rhodes Nanaimo Emerging Cultural Leader Award video

Brief Excerpt Travellin’ Aint So Bad at Duncan Showroom

Live in the Chapel at PROVIDENCE FARM 2017

Middle of Nowhere at the Nanaimo Jazz Festival Sept 2017 

People I Love You  Live at Cranberry Hall Powell River

Lost Soul Man Victoria Folk Club April 16, 2017

2018 City of Nanaimo Excellence in Culture Award Rick Scott


E-KNOW Kootenays Jan 2019

Bowen Island Undercurrent Feb 2018  

Whistler PIQUE Feb 2018  

INSPIRED Magazine Feb 2018

Nanaimo News Bulletin Sept 14, 2017

This collaboration has been decades in the making. At age 8 Nico wrote Rick a fan letter and at age 23 he orchestrated Rick’s music for symphony. Equally proficient on keyboards and woodwinds, he’s in constant demand as an arranger and musical director for stage shows from Chemainus to Ontario, when not playing jazz with his own trio or touring with his mother,  renowned chanteuse Joelle Rabu.

Rick saysNico Rhodes is on fire. At his age I was touring far and wide with Pied Pumkin and this harkens back to that unfettered creativity. Nico reinvents and reinvigorates everything he plays.”

*Nico says: “The playlist of my youth was Beethoven, Piaf, Oscar Peterson and Rick Scott. I grew up on his music. Fast forward 20 years and I’m privileged to share the stage with my childhood hero who happens to ooze groove. Rick is steeped in old swampy music and I think we shake each other up and the audience gets to come along for the good times."


Since emerging in the ‘70s in iconic folk trio Pied Pumkin, Rick Scott has released 19 recordings and performed his highly original music in nine countries, earning three Juno nominations and Vancouver Island, Western Canadian and Canadian Folk Music Awards. With separate repertoires for adult and young audience, he is internationally renowned as a singer, songwriter, actor and raconteurfor who combines music and humour to uplift and refresh the human spirit. 

Rick and Nico's ROOTS & GROOVES CD, released September 17, 2917, features 12 songs recorded live from the foor in a single day at Moutain View Studio in Nanimo, produced by Valley Hennell and engineered by Rick Salt.



"The best show I have seen in decades." Gabriola Island, Oct 2017

“WOW, WOW, WOW! Totally impressed by your show! It was wonderful, original, masterful…the tunes keep swimming in my head, can’t wait for the CD.” Pt Alberni April 2017

"I had the very real pleasure of attending Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes at Char’s landing. I LOVED this show. Such a great cross section of music that appealed to all ages and tastes. I already knew of Rick’s talent as a singer/songwriter/dulcimer player and his special charisma on stage. The excellent surprise was the addition of Nico to this. Wow! Such an amazing pianist and performer. But I think what made this a concert I will always remember was the wonderful collaboration and sharing on stage between these two artists, their very real and visible caring for each other and the magic and joy their music. Such a great evening. Thank you."  KR, Port Alberni, April 2017

"Rick and Nico’s had everything going for it. It was what a show should be in every way. It had a joy to it because it came from inside each of them and it was utterly infectious. They had everything burning bright and right. Here are some Facebook comments:  That was a fantastic show! That was one of the best concerts I've ever enjoyed! Absolutely fantastic entertainers! Thank you for bringing these two charming, gifted firecrackers to us! It was a grand concert!" JM Hornby Island, April 2017


“Nico Rhodes is astonishing, not just an accompanist, 
you have to hear and see him caress, cajole and at times almost punish the piano.
Breathtakingly fresh sounds and style radiate from this young musician whose hands
 effortlessly fly across a keyboard leaving us in utter amazement
 and jumping to our feet at the end of a solo!”

Rick Scott is an enchanter, an alchemist creating gold
out of dross with music as his catalyst.
He uses every fibre of his being to translate private experience into shared experience,
what he does is a day-glo yo-yo of theatre, music, mime, poetry,
 philosophy and confession spinning on a string of laughter.”

PR CONTACT:            Valley Hennell, 250-740-0047
BOOKING CONTACT: Margot C. Holmes, Caline Artists International  1-800-539-8558



PERFORMERS:      Rick Scott – dulcimer and vocals, Nico Rhodes – piano, vocals and horns

-    A professional sound system with reverb, graphic EQ and operator
-    Grand or baby piano tuned on stage max 2 days prior to performance  OR
-    OR a digital electric piano: Yamaha P Series P105 or  Korg SV-1 or Roland V piano with full 88 weighted keys, 2 pedals, necessary cables and AC cord, a sturdy adjustable keyboard stand, music stand and adjustable bench. 
-     two D.I. (“Direct In”) XLR lines for Rick’s wireless vocal and dulcimer mics(he will bring wireless system)
-  one D.I. (“Direct In”) XLR line for electric piano – OR - PZM or boom mics for acoustic piano
-  two SM 58 vocal mics with cable on boom stands      
- two stage monitors, powered or with amp, one at piano and one  centre         
- electrical power to the stage area
-  stool (approx. 36” in height)
- For Family Shows, CD or thumb drive playback through house and monitors
-  Lighting system to include basic colour washes plus specials Downstage Center, Stage Left and at Piano (SR Centre position).

      - Accommodation: 2 king or queen non-smoking rooms in reputable hotel (clean,
         with modern amenities, close to venue)

       - Transport to and from airport
      -  Coffee/tea, water and a snack or sandwich tray would be greatly appreciated during set up
           time. No allergies or specific dietary needs.

      - 4 complimentary tickets to the performance.

TECHNICAL CONTACT: Valley Hennell  250-740-0047



1 Outside (4:23) Folk rock. Simple solutions to life’s complexities dished up on a platter of rock and roll. “Sometimes late at night I’m wondering why, all this living just gonna die…”

2 Middle of Nowhere (6:18) Who says you can’t have musical fun with a bad relationship?
A little jazz, a little rock and an abundance of rip it up piano. “Ride that train, only way you think of get a little room, you can be alone…”

3 Lost Soul Man (5:37) Country blues for a hurtin’ heart. “Sometimes late at night when I’m all alone like a lost wolf you can hear me moan…”

4 Let’s Make It Right (4:56) Blues ballad bemoaning why the harder you try /the worse it gets.  “What is the matter with this heart trying so hard to get back to the start of that long, that lonely, lonely night?”

5 It’s Only Words (5:26) “It’s only words, no thing will ever be heard…A waltz that is actually more than words, one of the first songs Rick ever wrote in 1971 beautifully articulated by Nico’s classical arrangement, never recorded until now. 

6 Hurt So Long (3:56) Swamp blues. To bounce back from being crushed by a friend, try humming this tune of many grooves! “Been hurt for so long can’t tell the right from no wrong…”

7 Funkanatomy (3:24) Latin tinged folk blues. An emergency ward for feeling sorry for yourself. “Woke up this morning the side of the bed was wrong, I’ve got excuses they run a mile long…’’

8 Come Home (4:17) Rocking out about the intense emotions of theatre from an actor’s point of view. “Cut out them things that cut your life, don’t wait around for no doctor’s knife…”

9 The Mystery (3:54) Folk rock. Written by Rick’s mentor Max Ochs, we’d say what it’s about but that would spoil the mystery.  Can Nico play any faster? “If you forget to breathe we’re gonna have to ask you to leave no matter how much you believe in the dollar…”

10 Bottle People (4:35) Classical folk. An attempt to find the true heart of those we call homeless, set to variations on Pachelbel’s Canon. “Seems to be a lot of people who need to have bottles so they can eat.”

11 Queen of Dreams (4:54) Folk jazz ballad. A jester’s cry for more matriarchy in a dulcimer duet uplifted by Nico’s soprano sax. “There are so many things in this world that are hungry and they just want a big bite of you…”

12 People I Love You (5:57) Swamp jam rocker. Pied Pumkin favourite reimagined with Nico’s raucous piano animating Rick’s swamp jam rhythm. “I get so excited I can’t help myself, I have to jump, I have to shout I have to call for help…”