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Rick with Harry Wong

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13 songs in English and Cantonese performed by Rick and acclaimed Hong Kong children's musician Harry Wong.

Winner: 2006 Canadian Children's Book Centre OUR CHOICE Award

Winner: 2004 North American Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Gold Award and 2004 Parents' Choice Approved Award

Nominated in 2005 JUNO AWARDS and 2004 Western Canadian Music Awards as Outstanding Children's Album

East has never met West like this! Rick joins forces with esteemed Hong Kong magician, musician and recorder master Harry Wong.

Rick and Harry cross boundaries of language, culture and musical styles to celebrate China and Canada with lively wit and irrepressible humour.

Jester meets trickster as Rick and Harry explore ways of communicating and understanding their differences.

Each song represents one of Oriental philosophy's 5 essential elements--earth, metal, wood, water and fire.

THE 5 ELEMENTS premiered in July 2003 at Hong Kong's International Arts Carnival and toured Canadian Children's Festivals in 2004.

Musicians: Rick (dulcimer and vocals); Harry (flute, recorder and vocals), Ayako Ichimaru (violin), Qiu Xia He (pipa), Tom Keenlyside (saxophone), Doug Edwards (bass and guitar), Jim McGillveray (percussion), Allan Rodger (bass and drums) and Robbie King (piano).

"The cultural divide has rarely been bridged with such zany, sweet-natured grace." 

- Western Living

"Poignant, zany, thought-provoking and hummably tuneful, these songs illustrate the affectionate and complementary spirit that is the foundation of Scott and Wong's relationship. A great tool to help children bridge differences in culture and connect through the language of the heart." 

- Victoria Times Colonist

"THE 5 ELEMENTS is a one of a kind recording. It is difficult to put into words how deep and fanciful this CD is. The interplay between the creative talents of Rick Scott and Harry Wong is nothing less than magical." 

- Chicago Parent

16 page colour insert with lyrics, including:

  • Family
  • Cool School
  • Hai Jai Mai (Big Ears)
  • Floating Moon
  • Nor Yau Chin (Money!)
  • No Plan
  • Mixing Bowl Band
  • Scott Wong Song
  • Oh-O! Ta Da!
  • 5 Elements Dance