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Pied Pumkin

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14 Pied Pumkin classics for the first time on CD. Recorded in studio and live at the SFU Pub and Queen Elizabeth Playhouse. Includes Shari Ulrich's first ever public performance of Joe Mock's hit Fear of Flying. Produced by Rick Scott and Si Garber for the 1998 reunion tour.

  • I Believe
  • Kootenay Bark
  • De Fiddle Medley
  • You Can Change the World
  • People I Love You
  • There Twas Her Tam
  • Bless the Kind Heart
  • Fear of Flying
  • Yo De Do Do
  • Juggler and the Fawn
  • Doin' the One Time
  • Tree
  • St. Christopher
  • Mushroom Madrigal


Select Recordings 1974-1980
Squash Records (1988)
SQ 6
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