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Rick with David Essig

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A collaboration between Rick Scott and veteran blues musican David Essig

Rick Scott - dulcimer, vocals
David Essig - guitars, vocals, mandolin, steel guitar, electric bass, banjo and Weissenborn
Trish Clair-Peck - violin and viola
Shelley Brown - acoustic bass


DOUBLE VISION is a dozen songs of life, love and loss seasoned with the grace of grief and delivered with considerable kindness.Acoustic roots music in the tradition of the Canadian singer/songwriter,  with one foot on the mountain and the other in the swamp. Influences include Delta blues, R&B, bluegrass and old time country music coupled with highly narrative, literate lyrics informed by the landscape.


Innovative all cardboard full colour packaging with 16 page lyric booklet.


  1. The Promise
    Rick Scott, 1986, Vancouver, BC
    Tracing the trajectory of a musical career in three verses.
    Vocals, dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, steel, fretless bass
  2. Willie P
    David Essig, 2008, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    A portrait of Willie P Bennett in the early years of the London, Ontario folk music scene.
    Vocals, guitar, dulcimer, baritone guitar, viola, acoustic bass
  3. My Friend Has Gone
    Rick Scott, 1993, Salt Spring Island
    A grownup's reconciliation of a childhood heartbreak.
    Vocals, dulcimer, guitar, weissenborn, acoustic bass
  4. Little Cross to Bear
    David Essig, 2008, Protection Island, BC
    Essig reinvents the lament in this portrait of his mother who gave him his voice and dealt with her blindness in the only way she could.
    Vocals, guitars, dulcimer, baritone guitar, mandolin, steel guitar, acoustic bass
  5. Your Mother's Shoes
    David Essig, 2000, Denman Island, BC
    Dedicated to women friends who are even more beautiful now than they were then. Here's to your attics of dreams.
    Vocals, guitars, dulcimer, baritone guitar, mandolin, acoustic bass
  6. Louisiana Mind
    Rick Scott, 1994, Northern Alberta
    Driving in a whiteout listening to the good old CBC, a southern boy conjures up his roots to survive a blinding storm.
    Vocals, dulcimer, guitar, steel, acoustic bass
  7. Tears and Laughter
    Rick Scott, 1976, Faro Festival, The Yukon
    Celebrating conflicting emotions with music for the gods and the Northern Lights.
    Vocals, dulcimer, guitar, weissenborn, acoustic bass
  8. One More Song
    David Essig, 2008, Protection Island, BC
    "Rick and I talked a lot about our fathers as we were making this CD - what heroes they are to us. I wrote this for them and for us - four fathers with singing hearts."
    Vocals, guitar, dulcimer, weissenborn, fretless bass
  9. Bottle People
    Rick Scott, 1991, Vancouver, BC
    "Inspired by Pachobel's Canon and my years living at Main and Cordova- the poorest postal code in Canada."
    Vocals, dulcimers, weissenborn, banjo, steel, violin, vola, acoustic bass
  10. Saying It
    David Essig, 1978, Hamilton, ON
    An old song with a simple message wrapped in a friendly groove.
    Vocals, guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, fretless bass
  11. Let's Make It Right
    Rick Scott, 1986, Vancouver, BC
    A straight up R&B meditation on a sinking relation ship.
    Vocals, acoustic and electric dulcimer, guitars, steel, acoustic bass
  12. Symphony of Grace
    David Essig, 2008, Protection Island, BC
    A new song in an old style - as if Yeats had come from the Appalachian mountains with a dulcimer on his knee.
    Vocals, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, viola, fretless bass